MEET THE PROS | The Best of VC 'Artist' Ray Chen - The Comedian [VIDEO]


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the birth of the synonymous Ray Chen social media comedy video.

On this day in 2014, the 25 year old Australian VC 'Artist' shared his inaugural 15 second quip with the world, via instragam and facebook – with the humourous series having now attracted worldwide notoriety and achieved in excess of 5 million plays.

“I wanted to show people classical musicians are not all boring and our world is not just filled with stuffy old rich people,” the funny man has told The Violin Channel, “ … I think it’s important for artists these days to connect with their audiences in different ways, to bring them closer – and relate with them on a more personal level.”

“I really love making them … I simply use my iPhone and iMovie, and the severe boredom of a really long flight or layover helps fuel the imagination,” Ray has said.

Enjoy the best of 2014/2015:

1. 3 Guys 1 Violin


2. Mr Heifetz I Raise You an Up-Bow Staccato


3. Lazy Monday


4. Blind Instrument Test


5. How to Tune


6. The Best Acoustics


7. This Violin is So Hot!


8. How Do You Rehearse?


9. The Diva Soloist


10. Expectations Vs Reality


11. Warning: Do Not Tumble Dry


12. Determination is the Key


13. Orchestral Antics