STOLEN VIOLIN ALERT | Violin Stolen From University of Kentucky

Violinist JuRang Kim’s violin and three bows were stolen from her locker at the University of Kentucky back in May 

Violinist JuRang Kim pictured here with a temporary violin (Photo credit: Khyati Patel/Spectrum News)

"Hello, I am a DMA student at the University of Kentucky," Kim wrote on her Facebook page. "My BAM violin case with my violin and 3 bows were stolen from my locker at the School Fine Arts building in Lexington, KY." 

"I left it in the locker with a lock after I practiced on 5/11/2021, and I went back to practice on 5/12/2021 to find it gone. My lock was not even there, the locker was totally empty.

"Please let the world know, and if anyone sees any evidence of these items being sold, please let me and the police know ASAP," she continued.

"If the person who took my instrument sees this, please bring them back to me, please. I will say nothing to you and forgive you. It means more to me than how you value it," she pleads.

Not only were her instruments stolen, but her friend Colleen Scott’s oboe and reed-making equipment was taken from her locker at the same university. They have launched their GoFundMe to help replace the instruments.

"Unfortunately, my violin was not insured, nor were my bows," Kim said. "One of the bows was the school’s property that was lent to me, and only that bow is valued over $10,000. I need your help to replace the instruments to pursue not only my degree, but to continue musical life as a violinist."


Details of Kim’s violin include:

  • The violin label (inside of the violin) has my name on it "Jurang Kim"
(Facebook/Courtesy of JuRang Kim)
  • Bow #1 has 'W. E. Hill & Sons' written on it, with black and white wrapping. 
(Facebook/Courtesy of JuRang Kim)
  • Bow #2 has 'Torte' written on it with red leather on its grip, and silver wrapping. <not pictured>
  • Bow #3 has no brand name on it, but it has gold color wrapping. <pictured below>


(Facebook/Courtesy of JuRang Kim)
  • Case is the BAM carbon fiber rectangle dark grey 
(Facebook/Courtesy of JuRang Kim)


"This beautiful violin was gifted to me by my parents when they were serving as missionaries in Mongolia," said Kim on the GoFundMe page. "My Professor at that time highly recommended the great chance of investing in this special violin.

"When my parents decided to buy this violin for me with their tight budget, they asked me to promise that I would play and practice on this violin with joy, and would share the joy with people around the world."

"My college journey has been full of ups and downs but my oboe has always been there for me," said Scott. "Together we’ve had tough lessons, played at Carnegie Hall, and almost survived the pandemic. The three years of my undergraduate so far have been spent with this beloved instrument, helping me find my voice and confidence as a musician."


(Courtesy of GoFundMe/Colleen Scott and JuRang Kim)


"JuRang and I have both been looking at Facebook marketplace and eBay in hopes of finding our instruments," she added.

The performers told Spectrum News 1 that they filed police reports at the University of Kentucky and put up posters for those who may know any details. Once they have permanent instruments, they plan to play a duet together.

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